Digital Focus

Danobat Digital Suite

An intelligent interface for an intuitive operation that assists the operator and helps optimise machining processes.

This development installed on our machines allows:

  • Centralised information
  • Fast and simple access to information
  • Improved usability thanks to its design
  • Logical control operation
  • Programming aids
  • On-screen documents
  • Monitoring of energy consumption

Danobat Digital Suite also allows optimisation of maintenance cycles by showing:

  • Information on part status based on usage
  • Automatic notice of maintenance work
  • Maintenance instructions with tutorial videos to facilitate tasks
  • Improvements in machine reliability thanks to self-diagnosis operations
  • Direct access by Danobat service technicians to machines to improve customer/supplier interaction

Data System

A platform for data capture, storage and processing which enables machine status to be monitored.

The Data System technology allows:

  • Real-time information on the situation and operation of the manufacturing process
  • Improvements in decision-making thanks to the extensive information available
  • Machine monitoring, anywhere, anytime.
  • Establishment of patterns, identification of trends, and anticipation of faults, all based on historical data, thus improving machine performance and availability
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Improved energy efficiency

Control System

An advanced system, which allows integrated monitoring and automated operation of complex manufacturing lines comprising different machines and equipment.
The software allows control, monitoring and supervision of the entire machining process, including both machines and handling systems.


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