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We go far beyond merely supplying machinery. We also work as a technological partner providing engineering solutions. These solutions are conceived in close collaboration with end users resulting in a product comprising the machine itself and all related processes, tools and accessories, hence offering a complete final tailor-made solution.

Our philosophy consists of supplying our customers with a complete machining solution in the shortest delivery time. In developing these solutions, the participation of the client together with our knowledge, are the keys for success of a project. The ideas are based on both our customer’s experience as well as ours. Thanks to the enormous process knowledge of the customers, we can progress in the specialisation and in the supply of the ideal solution for each application.

Innovation is our strategic key

We have our own Technological Research and Development Centre focused on specialised innovation and on the creation of state-of-the-art machine tool products. Its main objective is to supply ground-breaking technological solutions.

Applied innovation and practical research that respond to the day-to-day requirements of our customers, resulting in new technologies for the production of machines and solutions that deliver the highest competitiveness to our clients.

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