Shock absorbers Machining

Centerless cylindrical grinding

Proven experience in shock absorber machining

Shock Absorbers - Centerless Grinding Machine
Shock Absorbers - Centerless Grinding Machine
  • Machine with 650 mm wheel width for very high production.
  • Machine designed with options for quick change-over and set-up.
  • Extensive know-how with machines delivered to the main manufacturers.
  • Non-contact and flexible post-process measuring unit.


  • Grinding of parts from Ø7 to 30 mm.
  • Grinding before chrome coating in rough and finish grinding operations.
  • Super finishing in centerless grinding, after the chrome coating.

Machining operations:

  • Grinding of the shock absorber OD in rough, finish and super-finish grinding operation.
  • Throughfeed speed up to 0,132 m/s.

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