Aerospace Fastener Machining

Centerless cylindrical grinding

We can grind you hexagonal, square, circular... fasteners head screws

Aerospace fasteners
Aerospace fasteners
Aerospace fasteners
Aerospace fasteners
  • Grinding of fasteners in various materials (titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, etc.).
  • Loading solutions to meet different requirements (large batches with high levels of autonomy in loading, small batches with rapid component changeover, etc.).
  • System for controlling by CNC the material ground on the fastener surface
  • As an option, angular grinding can be provided to ensure optimum grinding quality on fastener faces.

Machining operations

  • OD infeed grinding.
  • Some references are ground from solid, achieving the final shape with the removal of 2mm Ø in a single operation.
  • Face and radius grinding.
  • Sizes: Length 10-250 mm, Ø  3,8-150 mm.

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